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As Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), design and system house, we deliver the right hardware for your application. Our excellent contacts with technology leaders and original design manufacturers (ODMs) allow you to enter the market more quickly - go to market.


The REC Set-top Box Family

Our Reycom Entertainment Center (REC) family enables high security and flexibility in combination with multiple functionalities, thus geared to the needs of operators and OTT service companies.

Liebherr Edge Gateways

Your robust industrial IoT solutions: the LEG4IT edge gateway offers high flexibility and security, thanks to its high connectivity. The LEG4AX edge gateway is the perfect choice when it comes to artificial intelligence or autonomous operation.

The RIA IoT Device Family

Our Reycom IoT Appliance (RIA) family is designed to be flexible to meet all the different requirements of the IoT market. We can show you many designs of the RIA family under NDA.

Reycom OEM and Design-House

We and our ODMs allow you to participate in our very early development process. We customize the boards to your needs and help you bring a certified device to market.