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TV Modules

This is the TV Solution without compromises. The core Live TV Service running scalable, stable and with best picture quality available on a managed network, while combining all best effort OTT Services in One Box. So it’s combining the proven delivery of IPTV, DVB-C/S/T and OTT in one Box! Taking advantage of the newest developments in the open source market, makes this solution the most cost efficient in the market.

From signal acquisition, media data handling, companion devices to operational excellence check all the available Modules. The Modules can be combined with existing legacy solutions or deployed E2E virtualized to your data center, dramatically reducing development and operational costs finally reducing churn rate.

IPTV Middleware For STB

Contains Linux Libraries to extend the normal Android SDK

  • Integrated with existing modules like ALU FCC/RET, CISCO VQE
  • DRM: Verimatrix, Playready, Marlin
  • Telco grade operation with fully controlled upgrade process and application level monitoring
  • MC with ultra fast channel change / retries
  • DASH, Smooth Streaming, RTSP, HLS
  • Teletext, HbbTV, DVB-Subtitling
  • Companion API
  • …and more

White Label UI For STB

System launcher enables control of the whole User experience:
UI can also be done fully customized on T&M mode according to Customer UEX and Design requirements

  • Menu Containers
  • Home Menu
  • Mini EPG and EPG
  • NPVR / Replay handling
  • Application Level Monitoring
  • Live TV
  • VoD Store
  • Teletext, HbbTV and DVB-Subtiteling
  • 3rd Party Application Handling

White Label UI For Mobile

Android / iOS and Web Clients

  • Home Menu
  • EPG
  • NPVR / Replay TV handling
  • Live TV
  • VoD Store
  • Application Level Monitoring

IPTV Application Backend

Cloud based IPTV Middleware based on ReST full API’s

  • STB upgrade
  • Login management
  • Subscription / package Mgmt
  • Network Recoding logic
  • EPG Catalog Service
  • Streaming Service
  • Stream Management
  • VoD Catalog Service
  • Notification API for companion
  • Deployment Automation
  • … and more

Technical Data Mining Real Time Analysis

Real Time Analysis

  • Defined KPI’s
  • QoS
  • QoE
  • Collecting Counters of:
    - STB Client Counter
    - VHeadEnd
    - Network
    - Platform
    - Streaming Services
    - CPE’s
    - … and more

The velocity of Analysis can be defined by the customer and is only limited by investment