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Windows IoT Solution

Windows IoT has high modularity and customizability with excellent portability between different hardware platforms.
The adaptation and integration of Windows IoT, however, require know-how in the implementation. Which modules and functions are removed and which additional services are implemented decides on the security, maintainability, performance and longevity of the solution.

Reycom has already brought several solutions under Windows IoT to market, and has the necessary knowledge of the inner workings of the OS, the strategy of Microsoft and the risks in practice.
Based on this experience, Reycom has also developed additional software modules and functions for Windows IoT, which complement the standard scope with indispensable functions.

With a 10-year availability guarantee and automated OS and security updates from Microsoft, as well as our extensive device management, scalable IoT solutions can be implemented with future-proofing.

Image creation

  • Basic Image
  • Customization
  • Secure Image
  • Image-features for easy deployment
  • Integration of device management function
  • Onboarding with password- free access point

Advanced features

  • HAP/WAC for Apple HomeKit
  • Manufacturing Tools
  • Customized Hardware
  • Factory-State-Reset-Process
  • Certification Support
  • RBMP-Enablement
  • Energy-Optimization

Management and Apps

  • App-Management and update
  • BSP-Updates
  • Azure IoT-Hub as a service
  • IoT Hub Device provisioning as a service
  • OCP / MCDS as a service
  • Signing and certificates
  • Consulting