CH-REC3XT-Layer 1 Background
CH-REC3XT-Layer 2 Background

REC 3XT "K1-Egg"

The REC 3XT alias REC K1 combine a high performance Game console and Settop box. Based on the NVIDIA K1 processor the REC 3XT offers a State of the Art Android TV and Gaming experience. The Egg-Design is perfectly optimized for high performance and a lot of additional connectors - flexibility and performance at his best.


  • NVIDIA K1 - SoC
  • High Performance Graphics - 192 Gflops – cloud and streaming gaming 
  • 2-4GB RAM
  • 8-64GB eMMC
  • WiFi / BLE Combo
  • 2x USB
  • SD-Card reader
  • Android Open Source Project
  • TV Apps
  • Gaming, local - streaming
  • Optimized housing
  • Low power - best performance